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Technical data of ZIP EXTRUDER




Circuit:                          380 V

Frequency motor:          1.5kw

Motor in line                  0.35 kw

Heater:                          9.5 kw


Production capacity      5-15 kg/h

Dimensions/L-W-H/        4800x2000x4200 mm


Production process:

-Film is extruded together with zip

-extruded and rolled film together with built in zip is going to bag machine

-whole procedure has automatic computer control

-connector for extruding zip in requested color



Technical data of Zip bag machine


Circuit:                        220 V

Installed strength        3 kw

Max bag length           500 mm

Max bag width            400 mm

Production speed:       40-100/min

Dimension/L-W-H/     3700x1200x1650 mm              


Machine is designed for making PE bags with automatic computer control



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