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W+HBottomer mod. AD2360/22 of 1974 and refurbished in 2000 for the mechanical parts.

Sack length steeped-end: 435-1370 mm.

Sack lengths flush cut: 435-1370 mm.

Sack widths: 350-700 mm.

Bottom widths steeped-end sacks: 75-210 mm.

Bottom widths flush cut: 75-220 mm.

Dimensions of opened up bottom: 200-480 mm.

Distance between bottom centers: 360-1300 mm.

Tube lengths with min. bottom width: 560-1500 mm. 

Tube lengths with max bottom width: 870-1640 mm.

Valve patch cut-off lengths: 90-240 mm.

Internal bottom patch cut-off length: 140-500 mm.

Hinge valve cut-off lengths: 120-240 mm.

Bottom cappin patch cut-off lengths: 180-600 mm.

The Bottomer has 2 patch units (which are not utilized in this moment) without printer.

Max speed: 100-110 sacks/min.

With no. 2 valve units, each adjustable to either side.

The valve unit can be used to do an internal patch if required.



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Video for BOTTOMER W+H AD 2360/22






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