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W+H Triumph 3

no. S 1632

-             with in-line printer 4 col.

-             one or two plies bags (one ply 90 grs or 2 plies of 50-80 grs)

-             with photocell

-             machine can work actually by 3 stations (and not 6), but machine can be improved in future with 3 stations more

- New servo system (changing of length takes 30 seconds by touch screen PLC) PLC upgraded to point out faults on the machine making troubleshooting simple for the operator. It can also be upgraded to change the counting of bags.For changing the bag width exist a specific forming plate for each size;

-             bag width range: 180- 305 mm

-             tube length: 600 - 890 cm (35 inch)

-             with gusset

-             bottom up to 220 mm

-             max web width. 1070 mm

-             with forming plate & gears, cylinders

-             machine has been modified to make 10 and 12,5 kg bags (longer then standard machine)¨

-             production speed: 55 bags/min. (max production speed 110 bags/min.)

-             machine was cleaned and painted and following works completed in last 2 months:

replaced all delivery grippers

reconditioned intermediate drum taper lock

changed rubber draw rollers

renewed fore folder bush on flange operator side

reconditioned opening suction valve

changed worn out sprocket on folding bar chain drive

overhauled servo drive (change from compensator to servo)

replaced concentric and eccentric gears on folding bar unit

changed cross paste roller gear

reconditioned main motor guard to fit

replaced all drip trays and attachments

repairs to former plate bed and guide rollers

replaced main drum springs shafts and holders

repaired delivery chuck

replaced locking wheel for length adjustment

-             immediately available



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