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Luxury house in wonderful village named Podbočje, which is just renovated with modern infrastructure. Village is located in peaceful and natural environment, surrounded by forest and other green surfaces. Of this place intact nature offers pleasant and healthy moments of your life. Location of the house make you possible, to be in very short time from peaceful and healthy environment at business, touristic and recreation places. Highway is distanced only 5 minutes, of where you can arrive: in two hours to sea ( PORTOROŽ ); in 50 minutes to LJUBLJANA; in 90 minutes to magnificence centre of Alpine world ( BLED ), where around is a lot of ski slopes ( Krvavec, Kanin, Vogel… ); in 70 minutes we can arrive to one of the most beautiful caves in Europe ( POSTONJSKA JAMA ). Prestige Castle Mokrice with golf links is distanced just 15 minutes. In the same time we can arrive to TERME ČATEŽ, one of the most known thermal centres at this part of Europe. In the immediate vicinity is a wine-growing region that offers selected wines. Besides of street connections, close are two airports. Airport Zagreb is distanced 30 minutes. Airport near Ljubljana is distanced 80 minutes.


House is architectonic build in modern style and suits to the environment that is located. It is appropriate for living, business purposes, breathing space or purposes by wish of owner. Property is enclosed with high quality forged railing that is galvanized. It is possible to make high level of security at this property. House has cellar, ground floor and one more floor. It has one more separated entrance to office with display room. Altogether house has about 500 m2. Parcel has about 2200 m2. Garage has place for 2 cars. There is opened garage too, and a lot  of park places. Around the house are a lot of settled green surfaces and ornamental trees.

Construction  year: 1996

  • Modern furnished
  • Fireplace outside
  • Fireplace inside
  • Wine Cellar
  • Sauna
  • Alarm System
  • Central Heating (oil)
  • Cable TV
  • A Lot Of Green Surface
  • Balcony
  • Terraces
  • Clean, Healthy And Peaceful Environment



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